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Roman Leeds

Somewhere in the central Leeds area there was a Roman settlemnt possibly that of Cambodunum where there was a crossing point over the river. Now there’s no trace except for little exerts mentioned by Victorian collectors who mention fortified camps at Quarry hill and streets in the Calls as areas of possibly Roman occupation. Has all our ancient history of this region been obscured by our industrial past, or can extracts of our Romano British past still be found?

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  1. Chris Mallinson

    What i do know is that there was a roman alter (see OS maps) near Roundahay Park,to the east of the park and just north of Wetherby Road.
    I also know that Potter Newton recieved the “potter” part of its name(in a distinction to the Newton area around the Leylands) as there ws some roman pottery found in the area.Though not believed to indicate actual settlement it is believed that it was on a route/path to Adel which had a small Roman settlement, copied below is an extract from an early 19th century description of Adel:-

    “Adel or Addle, or “the Adhill of the ‘Liber Regis’, which probably gives the true etymology of the word, the Hill of Ada, the first Saxon colonist of the place,” and supposed to be the ‘Bargo-dunum’ of the Romans; and from the great number of antiquities discovered here at different times, such as fragments of urns and other Roman vessels, monuments, pillars, aqueducts, inscriptions, &c. we may conclude it to have been a station of considerable importance. This station appears to have been about half a mile north of the church, for particulars of which, we must refer the reader to Thoresby and Whittaker.”

    As for the fort at Quarry Hill it is open to debate as the Leeds histrian ralph Thoresby noted that there were possible remains of defensive embanknents on the hill but it was not clear as to their origin as they could well have been dark age (from the times of Loidis/Leodis).

    September 6, 2007 at 7:49 am

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