Collected stories as research for projections around the city in 2007


The Project

Over a period of a month I will work with local communities to collect myths and legends, then produce a week of moving projections around the city-centre culminating in a large-scale projection on Leeds Civic Hall.


In 2007 Leeds will celebrate 800 years of signing the charter, since 1207 there has been many myths and legends created within the city boundaries.
I aim to take a wide selection of cultural and historical stories and imagined interpretations of place, then re-interpret these as ephemeral installations, as art.


My aim is to collect these stories by submission from the public via a website, blog, post and recorded by myself through engagement within local communities. These communities will be identified and contacted in the last week of august and engagement will begin on the first week of September.

The ambition for the work is for it to explore the tradition of story telling and myth making and reinventing it for the 21st century audience. Using filmmaking and animation techniques from contemporary storytelling to re-envisage the older generations tales by blurring the edges between myth and history – fact and fiction.


On the 12th of October I will project on the front elevation of Leeds Civic Hall as part of the Light Night festival (

Using guerrilla strategies selected stories will be projected out of a moving vehicle (photon bombed) around the city in the week previous. On the twelfth the final photon-bomb will travel around the city and conclude on the Civic Hall. This will begin the main piece, which will include text; character and object based animated films.

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