Collected stories as research for projections around the city in 2007

ghostly and strange happenings at leeds university

i was working for a market research company a few years ago and we had hired
three rooms out in the university for research purposes.i believe these were
on the 3rd floor on a glorious saturday afternoon with no students around.
did notice a dicectual unit as i entered the car-park thinking there might
be something eerie in there.

1st incident- was speaking to our exec in the kitchen when after putting the
kettle on he noticed the cups started to move as he was chatting to me.he
looked stunned and stuttered the cups were moving.

2nd -was coming out of kitchen into venue, was walking down the corridor
when noticed slim young lady in floral skirt and long dark curly hair
(thinking respondent coming early)followed her through the swing doors and
turned left.
when i turned left she disappeared.
when asked manageress if had seen some-one come through she replied no.
had strange feeling and shuddered but didnt say anything as thought i must
be seeing things.

3rd -went to ladies toilet there was a waste bin holding the door open.
whilst washing hands a powerful gust of wind came blowing all over the room
and slammed the door shut with the bin on the inside. this was a beautiful
saturday afternoon with no wind knew something was not right.i rushed for
the door madly trying to open it in panic. still didnt say anything in case
my work colleages thought i was mad.

4th- going home time.
one lady from leeds said she would direct me out of the place as she knew it
well. we got lost.couldnt find our way out on the corridors.was like maze
with doors locking behind us. we eventually found ourselves in the staircase
and i suggested we may have to stay night there.she was so distraught. we
then went back up to the 3d floor and luckily the door into the corridoor
wasnt quite shut.fraction of an inch.phew sigh of relief!

4th- went back to our hired rooms luckily work colleagues not left for home
so all went down approached the entrance as we were all chatting
suddenly my right leg caught up in a lasso rope.hopping with my leg i
shouted somethings not right here and that wasnt possible to catch my foot
in such height and a lasso rope hanging round my leg.god knows where this
came from showed it everyone. by this time i was stressed out..

one of my work colleage did tell me later that papers had been moved and
flicked about and there was something in there that didnt want me to go
..really scary and was still shaking driving home..

always wanted to report this but never got round to it until now. still get
the creeps when think of leeds university.

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