Collected stories as research for projections around the city in 2007


Parrott Man pecks out your eyes

How about Parrott Man? Whilst growing up in Leeds we were always told about the Parrott Man who lived in the woods near the Meanwood Cricket Club, and that if he got hold of you he would peck out your eyes! I now live in London but I still think of this and wouldnt go near them woods if you paid me

Andrew Lang

Newsham’s Blue Lady & phantom cyclist on the tram tracks

I remember been told about a ghost at temple newsam house about a blue lady who huanted a blue room.
also i have story about my granfather don’t know whether it’s true.
He was a tram driver, one evening he was driving his tram it was foggy, he suddenly saw a man with his bike on the tracks he tried to stop but unfortunately he ran other him. but when they went to look under the tram there was only a bike and a cap, no man in sight, the next morning my grandads hair was white. he always swore that there was a man pushing the bike.


Eeeeeevening post!

There used to be a newspaper seller on Lands Lane (near Barretts shoes) in the mid eighties who, instead of just shouting out “POST!!” every 10 seconds like all the others, shouted/sung very loudly……… “Evening Post! I’m having a TERRIBLE DAY! Haven’t sold a single paper !”

This eventually endeared him to the public and he used to sell loads, thus getting a write up in the local paper he sold…..i.e. the Evening Post!

Guitar man

there’s always the irritating guitar man who comes up to you with his guitar when you’re in the city centre at night and plays and sings very badly and follows you until you give him money to **** off?