Collected stories as research for projections around the city in 2007


exodus of the king rat and his tribe from quarry hill

when quarry hill flats were being demolished,the king rat(a huge monstrous
creature)led his faithful band of rodents out of the ruins,through town,and
were seen crossing leeds bridge to safety!!

Secret messages passed through the steps from the Town Hall cells.

Back in the day it is said that people who were imprisoned in Leeds town hall could send secret messages by passing word down the cells and the message being passed by through gaps in the steps to the eagerly awaiting recipient in the street.

Market fire

In 1975 half of the Leeds market next to the corn exchange burnt down apparently due to an electrical fault, it was the better half
which burnt down, mind you, and its never been the same since.

Quarry Hill Camp

Just after Dunkirk all the soldiers were stationed at up at Quarry Hill you could tell em when they walked round town as they all had the same suit, my husband didn’t stay there tho, no he came home and stayed at his house in Armley

Whitecote and Redcote

The two places above were where soldiers in the civil war were stationed. The places got their names from the colour of the coats the soldiers use to wear.

Black Death moves market

In the times of the plague the market was moved from Leeds city centre to Bramley town.

City Variety’s Haunting

The City Variety’s in Leeds has three reported ghost sightings

There is a guardsman in a long top hat – who patrols inside the stalls, people believe that this could be Edward the VII who was reported to take his fancy women there in secret. The other two are believed to be actors who used to work at the variety’s.

Leeds Theatre Royal haunted by actors

The dressing rooms in the Theatre Royal at Hunslet lane  was reported to be haunted  by the actors who had previously took the stage in years gone by.

Civic Hall Haunting in the turrets

It is said that turrets of the Civic Hall are haunted by some one who died in the maintenance of the building.

Bramley haunting on town street

Somebody was shot on Town street in Bramley, one of the shops where the shooting took place is said to be haunted by the receiver of the bullet.

Meanwood Mental Hospital

Now it only shut down a few years back, i think the government closed it, but some of the people who came out of there were wrongfully in there to begin with.

One story that comes to mind is that of some women who were in there and the reason, the mental disability they had was to have an illegitimate child! now this was almost 60 years ago since they were admitted and now they were so institutionalised, they found it near most impossible to re-integrate back into society.