Collected stories as research for projections around the city in 2007


Parrott Man pecks out your eyes

How about Parrott Man? Whilst growing up in Leeds we were always told about the Parrott Man who lived in the woods near the Meanwood Cricket Club, and that if he got hold of you he would peck out your eyes! I now live in London but I still think of this and wouldnt go near them woods if you paid me

Andrew Lang

Your M&S

In t’market there were two guys who had a stall, one was a foreigner called Marks and the other was a local lad called Spencer, together they developed a successful chain of shops which is now nationwide.

Mucky Jonny

Now it was said that mucky Jonny got his name by being so filthy, and used to wait outside the pubs in Rodley before they opened,  the landlords of these establishments used to go out before the pub opened and pay Jonny a shilling to wander down to the next pub.

I t was said the when in his house he used to go to the toilet by doing his business in a sheet of newspaper then he’d wrap it up and throw it into his attic, this he did for years.

It was only when his house caught fire and the fire brigade went to his house that they found the evidence of his ways!

Yorkshire Witch

The Yorkshire Witch was known as Mary Bateman and plundered the money from towns folk for charms and potions.  She was convicted of murder, tried at the local court and then hung by the neck till death then chopped into pieces.  People came to see her body and raised £30 for the Infirmary.

Barnsley Bob

There used to be a guy knocking round on the streets called Barnsley Bob, he wern’t reet clever like, but they used to take him in and bath him, y kno every few months

Danny Freeman

Danny Freeman used to raise money for St James hospital out side Marks and Spencer, he was a true legend that man and is worthy of a mention.

RockingHorse patrols the bank

There was a man, who used to patrol the bank area of Leeds, who were massive, he used to keep it free of trouble at night as it was a real rough area.